somewhere to escape to

As well as invading my body cancer has silently crept it's way into the structure of our life; walking into our home it is subtly changed, as if the colours have become muted and our usually routines have slightly shifted on their axes. Cancer invades everything, it's fingers gather everything I hold dear into a dark place. So before the sh*t really hits the fan and I head off into the unknown of surgery and hospital we decided to escape to somewhere new that wasn't known to us or to my cancer. Somewhere we could pretend that cancer didn't exit and everything was hunky dory; somewhere to become grounded again, peaceful and quiet where there was space to breath and just be. So we travelled to deepest Aberdeenshire to the Barley Bothy; a beautiful tin and wood bothy in the middle of a barley field. And there in the tranquility and quiet, we spent our time keeping the log burner fed, watching the stars and breathing deeply.

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