fog and flowers …..

It has been two weeks since I had surgery, a total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, omentectomy and washings*, and now that the fog of morphine and anaesthetic has started to clear along with the incredible weariness I'm beginning to find me again, my brain is rebooting, albeit slowly and I hope that, despite the rather impressive 20 cm vertical scar I have, I am still me!

Since coming home I have been surrounded by the most beautiful flowers, bunches upon bunches bursting with colour; there are vases of flowers in every room of our house.  What has become clear, on this cancer 'journey' is just how wonderful, kind and caring our friends are.  It is such a strange feeling to ask for help, to give in and admit that this is too much to bare on own own, and as we waved our white flag of surrender our friends have stepped up to the mark, each and everyone of them.  I have been truly overwhelmed by kindness and love.

*the 'washings' makes the dark part of my sense of humour smile, I'm clean on the inside now! Though I know that really this is no laughing matter.

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