Béal Bán Races

At the end of the 2013 summer, just as the first niggling symptoms of my cancer started to make their presence known, I was fortunate enough to go horse riding in Dingle (Co. Kerry) with a wonderful friend, someone I've been horse riding with for over 30 years.

We went trekking along the coast and beaches around Dingle for two days, it was a magical place and we galloped along the beaches at some pace!

We galloped on the beach where the Béal Bán races are held; maybe not quite as fast as the professional jockeys shown above (Photo from Bridget Flemming Fine Art www.bridgetflemming.com), but just on the edge of being out of control!

Daraugh and Cookie, were lovely horses and looked after us well! Here they are relaxing after a day on the beach!

Riding together on holiday was something we had spoken about for a while, I spent a few years dithering and wondering if I should go for it or not, I 'm glad I did…..life is for living!

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