Four weeks have passed since the surgery, how time flies! While my brain seems to have returned to 'normal' (I'm not entirely sure that's the correct adjective for me), my body is taking a while to play catch up.  You get told that after major abdominal surgery (and I presume for other types of major surgery too) there will be tiredness, but I had totally underestimated how all encompassing the tiredness or fatigue is; just walking up and down the road wipes me out for hours! The fatigue leads to many hours of horizontal resting, well technically lying down ;-), which in turn leads to hours of wandering around the inter web. And that is how I came across this wonderful store Housekeeping via the equally lovely blog little birdie, written by Jen. Housekeeping evolved from a passion for simple, functional, understated design for the everyday things that we use and stocks some beautiful products.

In the last two weeks I've had two orders from Housekeeping delivered, and each time the service and products have been great.  There is a certain irony to writing about items for keeping 'the house' though, considering my current state of 'post-surgery resting'.  For the first six weeks after surgery I was told that the heaviest thing I could lift was a half-full kettle of water, and then most medical professionals I encountered backed the 'kettle-lifting' up with no hoovering, sweeping, putting the washing on, hanging the washing out, ironing, lifting heavy pans of food or bags of shopping - which left me dumb founded! Not because there were telling that I could lift anything heavy, but that they seemed to assume that I would be carrying out these house-hold chores; they never told me no DIY, painting, oil changing, firewood cutting, tree felling or coal bag moving - all of which made me clench my teeth with frustration.  Why on a gynaecological ward did the medical staff assume that their patients should only be warned against undertaking what they perceived as 'female-orientated household tasks'.  To the credit of one person, who had to endure a morphine induced rant from me about the stereotyping of the their 'no-can-do' examples, they did admit that perhaps their examples where a tad patronising!  I rest my case!

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