to do lists….

To do lists….for me can be both good (as a reminder of things I want to get done) and bad (as they remind me of the things I didn't get done)!  So this year over Christmas I decided to keep things simple, I put two things on my list; to sew something and to make some bread. The recipe for the bread, a Cardamon Wreath, was from SCB at 3191 Miles Apart; I never usually get round to making bread, it always feels like there isn't enough time, but this recipe was straight forward.  As suggested I made the sweet dough the night before, left it in the fridge and it was ready to go in the oven the next morning, so breakfast was warm sweet cardamon bread…yum.

And I managed to get my sewing machine out!

The pattern for the doll is by Emily Martin (the pattern can be found at this Martha Stewart link, which Leigh from Found, now home posted);  Emily's gorgeous dolls can be seen on her blog, Inside A Black Apple.

I also made a whale to go with this lovely book The Storm Whale by Benji Davies; I made the pattern up, hence the whale has a slightly large head, I'll shave a bit off next time. I was tempted to keep the book, it is such a lovely story!

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